Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Anaïs Nin Silver Lake residence

Little Anaïs was asking the other day if there were many people with the same name - as it is not we made a few searched for her in the Internet to find out some facts. The best known use of her name obviously is theCacharel perfume "Anaïs Anaïs", which I recall being one of the first ones I ever got in my early teens (quite strong for a girl though!).

The best known person would be the infamous write Anaïs Nin, who actually lived her late years in LA region in the famous Silver Lake residence with violist Rupert Pole - designed by Pole' s half brother Eric Lloyd Wright ( the grandson of famous Frank Lloyd Wright whose houses I so adore).

Here's Silver Lake - hard to imagine that this house only had one bedroom. The house is still filled with the belongings of Nin following the death of Rupert Pole in 2006.

Anaïs Nin Silver Lake

Anaïs Nin Silver Lake

Anaïs Nin Silver Lake

Anaïs Nin Silver Lake

Anaïs Nin Silver Lake

Eric Lloyd Wright in Silver Lake

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