Tuesday, September 20, 2011

$100m Lake Tahoe Compound of Tommy Hilfiger Co-founder

Tranquility in Nevada, by Lake Tahoe is called one of the most prestigious properties in the world. This estate resides in 210 acres including its own private lake, has eight buildings in addition to the main house - there is a conservatory, guest residence, art studio, boat house pavilion, gymnasium with indoor basketball court, stable, and additional residence for guest and staff. And also a little golfing area.

The house has some rather unique features too. The conservatory, which features a 100-foot pool, has a roof that retracts when the room reaches a certain temperature. It also has an underground tunnel that provides access to and from the main residence - very practical in winter when the snowpack is six-feet deep..

Apparently also at the base of the stairs on the floor there are little squares of blue marble. The builder was worried they would not have enough to complete the job and once finished, there was no blue marble left in the world. Quite exquisite?

So does all this convince you that the $100m price tag is worth this estate?

100m Tranquility NV

The entrance is a mix of Colorado ski lodge and more formal grandeur

100m Tranquility NV

The views certainly are magnificent and relaxing

100m Tranquility NV

View of the private lake?

 100m Tranquility NV

Mismatch in room style and formal interior?

 100m Tranquility NV

Beautiful pool with a style a bit more of Beverly Hills

100m Tranquility NV

This staircase is a replica from the one in Titanic

100m Tranquility NV

Feeling a bit more Versailles than lakeside hideaway with the painted fresco ceiling

100m Tranquility NV

This is lovely in a New England way. I certainly would feel welcomed there

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