frick alpine

Image: Trulia

Forget East Hampton's 11937 and Beverly Hills' 90210--the most prestigious zip code in America is officially 07620. It belongs to Alpine, New Jersey, an enclave of around 2,400 that counts some of business and pop culture's best known names among its residents.

The borough, less than nine miles from Manhattan, recently topped Forbes' list of the most expensive zip codes in America.

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Most people value Alpine for its privacy. Unlike other expensive zip codes where high taxes pay for a bevvy of municipal services, Alpine has a relatively low tax rate, thanks in part to the fact that it doesn't have a high school or mail delivery.

In fact, it has barely any commerce at all--the only restaurant is Kiku, a hibachi house on the outskirts of town.

The median home price in Alpine is $4.55 million, while the most expensive home on the market, the historic stone mansion on the Frick estate, is listed at an eye-popping $53 million.

That doesn't necessarily mean the borough's housing market is booming, however. There are currently 54 homes with Alpine addresses on the market, according to Trulia (just five cost less than $1 million). "For Sale" signs hang all over town, most with the phone number of the local Sotheby's Realty office. And last year, prices were down 23% year-over-year, according to Forbes.

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