Friday, December 2, 2011

32013 Point Pl, Laguna Beach CA !!! “Floating” Glass Home in Laguna Beach

32013 Point Pl, Laguna Beach CA
For Sale: $9,995,000

A home completely invisible from the street with a tunnel passageway to the front door and a garage with hydraulic lift — if we didn’t know any better, we’d have to say this glass house was built for Bond — James Bond.

Listed for $9.995 million, real estate agent Donna Pfanner isn’t kidding when she says the home is one of the most unique properties in coastal California.

“It’s such a remarkable property because it’s two parcels separated by a pedestrian tunnel,” said Pfanner. “You cannot see the home from the street; it’s very stealth. I think it appeals to a lot of people that way.”

Visitors enter from the street into a subterranean parking area. From there, a tunnel connects to the main parcel through an easement between two neighboring homes.

“As you go from the first area where the garages are, [the tunnel] has an art gallery feel as it has windows,” explained Pfanner. “Then at the end of tunnel, the home starts to reveal itself, and as you go through the front doors you’re confronted with the ocean views. That’s part of the intrigue — the reveal at the end.”

The 4-bedroom, 5-bath home is three levels with varying staircases and platforms as well as panes of glass that allow views down to the water and across to Catalina Island.

It’s these walls of glass that give a visitor a “floating sensation,” says Pfanner. “You can look through the floor and walls of certain rooms and still see the ocean.”

Besides spanning ocean views from most rooms in the house, the property includes a gourmet kitchen, office, meditation area, game room and beach access.

Laguna Beach real estate doesn’t come cheap, especially when the homes include beach access and hydraulic car lifts. Known for its high-end beach lifestyle, Laguna Beach home values hit at $934,300.

According to Zillow’s current mortgage rates, a monthly payment for this home will be $37.390 with a 20 percent down payment on a 30-year-fixed mortgage.

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