apartment garage

Image: screenshot via New York Times

Last week, the New York Times' Ken Belson took a look at a Chelsea apartment with a unique amenity--an indoor garage on the 11th floor, accessible by a car-sized elevator.

The three-bedroom apartment, on 11th Avenue, is currently on the market for $7 million. At that price, the 300-square-foot "en suite sky garage" would be valued at more than $800,000, making it one of the most expensive places to park a car.

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How does it work? Belson explains:

To park cars at their apartments, drivers pull up to a black door on 11th Avenue where an electronic reader that operates like an E-ZPass opens the gate. After the driver pulls inside, the door shuts. Drivers then make a left turn, where the reader prompts an elevator gate to open.

Once the car is inside the elevator, a flat-panel display on the wall reminds the driver to shut off the engine. Infrared sensors monitor the car’s position and, when needed, the driver is prodded to back up or pull forward. The elevator automatically goes to the owner’s floor, where the driver backs the car into the garage space.

Safety features include fire-rated walls and doors, overhead sprinklers, and sensors that detect carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide that can trigger vents to open.

The 11th Avenue highrise, the only one of it's kind in New York City, isn't the only sky garage concept that's been buzzed about lately. A similar blueprint by Porsche Design Group was just approved in South Florida, at an estimated cost of $560 million.

We've got some highlights from the New York Times' tour of the sky garage--you can watch it here.