upper east side town house 19.9 million

Image: via Trulia

A New York City doctor is trying to sell his Upper East Side townhouse for $19.9 million m according to the New York Post.

The five-story home with more than 10,000 square feet seems like a deal at nearly $20 million, but this townhouse is unlike the others.

Instead of standard living and dining rooms on the first floor, there are a medical room and an exam room, meaning a prospective buyer would have to be willing to may for a major renovation--or open her own medical practice.

But Bellin isn't worried. He told the New York Post:

“Whoever buys the house is going to renovate it to a standard today that is state-of-the-art. That means fiber optics throughout the house for Internet and all-new electrical. It means a new heating system with fully integrated heating and AC and every other amenity that everyone wants today.

"Anyone who is going to spend this amount of money will make it how they want it to be."

And he would know, because he did it himself years ago.