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Star Stylist Rachel Zoe’s Hollywood Home

Star Stylist Rachel Zoe’s Hollywood Home



Uh-oh. I just got sucked into another addictive reality show. Have you seen The Rachel Zoe Project on Bravo? It follows stylist-to-the-stars Rachel Zoe and her assistants Taylor and Brad as they stress out about finding the right clothes for their celebrity clients (Cameron Diaz, Liv Tyler, and Eva Mendes, to name a few).

It’s fun to see how they chose different gowns that we saw on the Red Carpet for the Oscars and the Golden Globes earlier this year. For example, remember this Armani Privé gown Anne Hathaway wore to the Academy Awards?


Well, you wouldn’t believe all the drama that went on behind the scenes to get it!

I just discovered the lovely blog Welcome Home, where Amanda Talbot interviewed Rachel Zoe (pronounced “zoh”) and posted lots of fab photos of her home in Hollywood. Here are a few of them:


Zoe likes to keep things minimal, simple, and uncluttered. She says her life is so chaotic that she needs her home to be a refuge of peace and calm.





This fur bedspread looks like something Zoe would toss over her shoulders and wear out the door:



Zoe’s home office:


This is how glam I look when I’m walking around my house, too:


You can read the interesting interview with Zoe and see the rest of the photos at Welcome Home.

One of the things that fascinates me about Rachel Zoe is how she went from looking like this in 2006 (when her former client Nicole Richie infamously dubbed her “Raisin Face” after their falling-out):


To looking like this three years later on her show:


Now that’s some Hollywood magic!

The other amazing transformation has been the relationship between her assistants Brad and Taylor, who went from hating each other last season (at one point, Taylor gave Rachel an ultimatum: “It’s Brad or me!”) to the best of BFFs. You can read all about them in the interview they gave the LA Times.


The Rachel Zoe Project airs on Monday nights on Bravo. Is anyone else watching?

11/10 UPDATE: Wow, a lot has changed in the past year. Taylor was fired, Brad quit, and Rachel announced that she and husband Rodger are expecting a baby.

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