Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Gary Neville House !! Gary Neville Mansion !!! Man United star flattens historic hamlet to build £6m 12-bedroom mansion

When it comes to designing their dream homes, footballers are not generally known for restraint.

But Former Manchester United captain Gary Neville has excelled himself with this 12-bedroom monster - big enough to accommodate the entire team plus manager Sir Alex Ferguson.

Up to 200 builders are racing to complete the property - dubbed Neville-Neville Land - in time for the England defender's summer wedding at which his friend and former teammate David Beckham is expected to be best man.

With private golf course, cinema, swimming pool, stables and gym, the £6million hilltop complex - built over an entire Lancashire farming hamlet - fits the bill for Footballers' Wives- style extravagance and even rivals David's Hertfordshire pile, Beckingham Palace.

neville mansion

Gary Neville's 12-bedroom house takes shape

Neighbours, however, are less than impressed with the transformation Neville, who earns £75,000 a week, has wrought on the historic properties, which date back as far as the 16th century.

Historian Jim Francis, 81, who has kept a close eye on the work, said: "It doesn't so much stick out like a sore thumb as an entire sore fist."

Neville, 31, bought Top O' Th' Knotts farmstead - on the moors between Bolton and his native Bury - three years ago.

The former farmhouse, which dates back to the 16th century but was rebuilt in 1784

The farmhouse and near-derelict outbuildings had been in the same family for six generations before James Joule - who is in his 70s - sold up for £2million.

Another branch of the family who still own a neighbouring farm have not heard from him since, and they are aghast at what is being built there.

Joyce Joule, a 54-year-old accountant, described Neville's new home as a "monstrous blot on the landscape", adding: "The building is an absolute eyesore - it is far bigger than the plans and bears no resemblance to the original building.

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June wedding: Neville and fiancee Emma

"James never told us he was selling it to a footballer because I suppose-he probably had a good idea what was going to happen to it."

An Old Trafford insider said: "Gary is well aware of the concerns about the property from some of the neighbours but he believes the compliments he has had far outweigh the criticisms.

"The house is in a remote location and barely able to be seen from ground level so he is slightly non-plussed that people think it is an eyesore.


Footballer Gary Neville on the pitch, earning £90,000 a week

"He is just looking forward to getting the place finished in time for his wedding.

"He and Emma have absolutely fallen in love with the property and everything has been built to his every specification. They will be both be very happy there."

Neville marries 24-year-old Emma Hadfield at Manchester Cathedral on June 16.

Once the turf is laid at his new home, a huge marquee is expected to be erected in the three-andahalf acre grounds for the reception.

The footballer and his fiancee currently live in a £1.5million apartment in central Manchester, although they also have a home in Malta.

Their wedding - tipped to feature a performance by singer James Blunt - is on the same day as those of fellow England players Steven Gerrard and Michael Carrick, posing a tough choice for invitees such as Wayne Rooney plus their army of soccer wives and girlfriends, or WAGs.

Still, anyone who misses the Neville event can always turn up at his home for an overnight visit - and be sure of a bed.

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