Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Anjelica Huston House !!! Anjelica Huston Home !!! Anjelica Huston’s Acting Comeback Comes With IRS Tax Liens

Anjelica Huston in New York in May 2011. SOURCE: Getty Images

News of an additional tax lien filed by the Internal Revenue Service against Anjelica Huston underscores the tough road of loss and grieving the Academy Award-winning actress has had to take the past three years.

The second lien comes as Huston continues to try and sell the unique home/studio she shared with her late husband. The sculptor Robert Graham built the split-use property in the Venice real estate market in 1994, two years after Graham won his pursuit of Huston, who married Graham in 1992.

“He gave me a very beautiful shell in which to place my oyster,” Huston told Architectural Digest about Graham, who designed the house.Graham died in 2008 from a rare blood cancer — a loss that Huston said has taken her a long time to work through.

A recent interview of Huston by the Telegraph of London gives pretty good insight into where the Oscar-winning star of “Prizzi’s Honor” stands these days. She recently starred in the movie “50/50,” where she plays the mother of a young man with a cancer diagnosis is given a 50-percent chance of survival. Huston is now living in New York, where she’s starring in a new Steven Spielberg-produced drama series, “Smash.”

She had been scared of being in New York and had never wanted to leave the house she shared in Venice, California, with Graham. A formidable building opposite a tattoo parlor, it was built during the LA riots as the couple’s very own fortress. Behind its warehouse-like facade is an idyllic courtyard swimming pool, in which Graham used to swim fully clothed. It’s now on the market for $16M. That, for her, is bittersweet.

“I love being back there because it’s my home,” she says. “The house speaks of Bob and his absence. It puts me in another place there. It takes me back. The house is beautiful and wonderful, but it’s Bob’s house and I have my own reasons for wanting to move on. It’s as if there was a time for that house. Now it’s a different time.”

The Venice Beach compound has been on the market since September 2010, when it was listed for $18M. In February 2011, the price was dropped to $16.8M, but it is now listed for $14M.

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