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Alicia Keys House !!! Swizz Beatz House !!! Alicia Keys Selling Long Island House


Alicia Keys is selling a seven-bedroom house in Syosset, on the North Shore of Long Island, for $3.85 million.

THE musician and actress Alicia Keys has accumulated a few awards in her 29 years. Actually, she’s got a ton of them, including 12Grammy awards, 11 Billboard Music awards, 3 BET awards and 3 MTV Video Music awards. (Who else feels unaccomplished today?)

Michelly Rall/Getty Images

Alicia Keys in a performance earlier this month.

And as is customary with this sort of runaway success, Ms. Keys has also accumulated some fancy real estate along the way.

Ms. Keys, a native Manhattanite, is putting one of those larger monuments to her success on the market: a seven-bedroom house in Syosset, on the North Shore of Long Island, for $3.85 million. No word on whether she’ll throw in a statuette or two.

“You don’t feel lost in the house,” said Shaun Osher, the founder of CORE, the real estate firm that has the listing. “It’s tastefully done within the scale of the property. That makes it feel luxurious and grand, but not ostentatious or over the top.”

That scale, however, is definitely plus-sized: the two-story house has about 9,000 square feet.

It was built in 1981 — the year Ms. Keys was born — in a style that Mr. Osher describes as “almost Mediterranean.”

The house, where Ms. Keys has lived since 2004, has seven bedrooms, six and a half bathrooms, a piano room and a three-car garage. Out back, there is a 2,000-square-foot deck, a pool, a pool house and a Jacuzzi.

“It’s on a cul-de-sac and it’s very private,” Mr. Osher said. “And it certainly feels like you’re out of the city.”

Alicia Keys Playing House With Swizz Beatz

Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz

After breaking up his family, Sony Music R&B singer, Alicia Keys, has moved in with producer, Swizz Beatz, real name, Kasseem Dean. According to the Real Estalker, the two have bought a multi-million dollar penthouse in Manhattan, whilst Keys put her Long Island, New York mansion on the market.

Alicia Keys $3,000,000 home in Muttontown, New York has been put on the market

Keys, real name, Alicia Cook, is six months pregnant with Beatz's baby. The two plan to marry soon and decided to splurge on real estate, in spite of the fact he owes the U.S. Internal Revenue Service over $2,000,000 in unpaid taxes.

Alicia Keys purchased this $12,000,000 home in New York city from singer Lenny Kravitz

With Beatz in financial straits and making alimony and child support payments for three children, by three other women, one his ex-wife, Mashonda, it is clear Alicia has been footing the bill for their luxurious lifestyle.

Keys once remarked she is frugal and wishes to remain in a modest Queens, New York condo. However, shortly after, she plunged headfirst into lavish living, with two multi-million dollar properties in a row.

Swizz Beatz and family, before Alicia Keys broke them up. Wife Mashonda is on the left, who said of Keys "this is my husband, this is my family, this girl thinks she can just do anything she thinks she wants to."

In other news, Alicia Keys, has dropped her manager of 10-years, Jeff Robinson of MBK Entertainment, in favor of having Beatz manage her, which can only lead to trouble under the circumstances.

Mashonda Believed In Alicia Keys, Before She Took Swizz

Date: 07/14/10 - "I believed her before," Mashonda says before admitting that she has given up on fighting Keys. "I'm being f******g disrespected, nobody respects me, this is my husband, this is my family, this girl thinks she can just do anything she thinks she wants to. And that's what I dealt with for a while, until I gave up."

..."I still like her songs. She's head over heels in love and I get it. Every woman deserves to feel that, not at the expense of another woman though," she tells VIBE. "But I understand why some of the decisions were made on her part, because her heart was so in it. I can't fight that [and] I can't fight her because she’s a household name. People are always going to love her for her music, as they should. She makes great music, but no one is really ever going to understand what happened in this house. Bottom line, the rule is, if you're messing with somebody, you don't know they're married, and you found out they're married if you come into any contact with that wife, leave it alone… respect the woman, respect the wife. Like I said before, it was an ego thing for me."

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