Sunday, October 16, 2011

Larry Fitzgerald House and Cars

Larry Fitzgerald’s Brother Tweets About Kurt Warner

I already got my $$$$$$ T, what do i need the ball for?

I already got my $$$$$$ T, what do i need the ball for?

Thanks to Larry Fitzgerald’s stupid brother, Marcus, there’s now a huge controversy surrounding his feelings towards quarterback Kurt Warner. During the Cardinals game against the Jaguars on Sunday, Marcus was busy attacking Warner on Twitter.

“Kurt Warner plays like a damn 80 year old! my brother just texted me during halftime pissed off,” Larry’s little brother tweeted.

And the tweets just kept coming.

“Kurt warner needs 2 stop bein a scary *** & throw the ball deep 2 my brother!damn this is annoying 2 watch!he throws 2 the rb’s 2 damn much!”

After the game, Marcus still couldn’t shut up

“Just got off the phone with my brother, Marcus tweeted after the Cardinals 31-17 victory over the Jaguars. “He’s happy about the win. But PISSED he didnt get the ball thrown 2 him much!”

Just Throw Larry the F*ckin ball-TO

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