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Michael Essien Living Large in England. Michael Essien House in London

Michael Essien House in London Video
This Video takes you around Michael Essien house in London. Michael Essien house proves he is living good in London UK. Sit Down and enjoy video about Michael Essien House in London.For the first time Michael Essien has opened his house to the TV cameras . Essien gives Chelsea TV exclusive access into his abode, offering the viewers a rare glimpse into the player’s lifestyle.

Michael Essien

Country of citizenship: Ghana
Club: Chelsea
Annual salary: $5,500,000

The 28 year-old Ghanaian-born, Chelsea midfielder currently earns $110,000 a week. In 2005, he signed with Chelsea for a $38 million fee, making him the most expensive African footballer at the time. Started off his career playing for Liberty Professionals, a Ghanaian football club based in Accra; went on to play for French clubs SC Bastia and Lyon before joining Chelsea. Outside the pitch, enjoys endorsement deals with African telecom group MTN, Samsung and Pepsi.

Michael Essien

Michael Essien

For some weird reasons, I thought by now Essien would have sorted out the problem between himself and his Dad. The whole drama is up again with the Dad calling for Essien to drop his name.

To some extent, I think the Dad has a point, after all if you claim I was not there for you when you needed me and for that matter, you would not take care of me at my old age, why are you still using my name then?

On the other hand, what is a name anyway? He can easily change it and the father will continue to be in his bad condition which he is seeking to improve. What do you guys think?

Anyway, read below for more…


James Essien, the biological father of Chelsea star, Michael Essien, is beside himself with rage as a result of the player’s failure to cater for him in recent years.

Consequently, the father has stated that the midfielder should cease using the name ‘Essien’ as his surname. “I have been ill for over a year now. It is Kyeremeh (Berekum Chelsea board chairman) who takes care of me, and I see no point in him continuing to bear my name,” he said on Happy Sports yesterday.

Reacting to what might have caused the player’s allegedly irresponsible acts, he said, “His mother has been ill-advising him to stop providing for my upkeep. I will go all out to ensure that he stops using my name. “Even if I have to drag him to the law courts, I will do that,” he added.

The player is alleged to have shirked his duty of taking care of his father for some time now. A few months ago, the father was in the media soliciting for support to take care of his medical bills; and moved by compassion, the board chairman of Berekum Chelsea, Emmanuel Kyeremeh decided to remit Essien’s father occasionally.

Daily Guide Sports further probed into the matter in an interview with Mr. James Essien’s new ‘son’ Mr. Kyeremeh, who confirmed the story. “It is true that I support Mr. Essien. I don’t take full responsibility of his upkeep, but I do support him,” Mr. Kyeremeh said.

Readers will recall that James Essien, Father of Michael, in early 2008 made claims t o the Sunday Mirror, an English newspaper, that his son was not taking care of him. Two years later, the issue resurfaced, with allegations and counter-allegations by both father and son, attracting mixed reactions from the Ghanaian populace.
Daily Guide, in an effort to uncover the truth, took a trip to the father’s village where James Essien confirmed that indeed his son had neglected him.

The Chelsea midfielder tried to douse the flames by releasing a statement, which read: “I have faced many many difficult challenges in my life but this is the hardest thing I have ever done as my heart bleeds over the false statements recently peddled by a small section of the Ghanaian media goaded by my own father.

“I had never wanted to discuss my family in public .“But for the thousands of Ghanaians and the highly respectable people of our country who have contacted me and know what I have consistently done for my father, I need to react to stop the attempt to destroy me in the eyes of the people of Ghana and disgrace my family. “Giving what I have done for my father, when I was told of the false, vile and degrading comments he made about me, I wept because people normally do not get insults for doing good.

“But my father decided to pay me back in such a terrible way. Because of this I have been unfortunately forced to say what I have done for him because he has gone to the extreme to disgrace my family. I will like to state the following facts:

1. My father currently lives in a three-bedroom house (not mud house) I instructed my sister to build for him with my own money.

2. He is visited monthly and more recently twice a week by my sister Diana on my orders to regularly give him money and other essentials I send. My mother, whom he has insulted so much, also provides for him.

3. I bought a car for him to make his transportation easier and part of the money I provide for him is used to fuel the car or repair it when it breaks down.

4. When his illness broke out I asked for him to be taken to the Asikuma Hospital but he said he wants traditional medicine. I provided money for him to undergo traditional treatment. It came to nothing and I ordered for him to be taken to the hospital. My family, I believe have also organised for a nurse to come home and look after him on regular basis.

“Because of these reasons and many more reasons I won’t state publicly, I am shocked by what he is alleged to have said but God knows I have done my best to thoroughly look after a man who didn’t even raise me or take part in my up-bringing and who has 8 other children who can help.”

This latest development seemed to have reopened an old wound, and whether or not this would fester or die a natural death, only time will tell.

Essien's Dad's Legs

Essien's Dad's Legs

Essien's Dad's House

Essien's Dad's House

Essien's Dad's Kitchen

Essien's Dad's Kitchen

Essien's Dad's Toilet

Essien's Dad's Toilet

Essien Dad's House

Essien Dad's House

Source: Daily Guide


Essien's Dad and Mum: Spot the difference

Essien's mum house

Essien's mum house
“Where is Michael Essien’s mother?” was the question on the lips of many Ghanaians after news broke that the soccer hero and his dad, James Essien, are trading blows over who neglected who.

News-One, after producing photos of the actual living conditions of the biological dad of Michael Essien, went in search of the mother, Madam Aba Gyanode.

The paper got to her plush residence at Gbawe Gravel Junction in Accra only to be told that she has decided not to speak on the issue and would also not open her home for the cameras of any journalist.

A hairy dark-skinned good-looking young man that looks just like Michael Essien told the paper: “No, she won’t speak. No way!” he said, with a clenched fist, pointing skywards and his fore finger wagging.

Though the young man appeared very angry, he sounded polite and he neither mentioned his name nor revealed his identity to the paper. His eyes became teary as he spoke and at a point clenched his teeth.

Neighbors later said he is the kid brother of Michael Essien and that he lives in the house with their mum.

When News-One asked that at least the young man should inform Madam Aba that some journalists are after her, he angrily snapped:

“It is not necessary and nobody in this house would speak to you!” He even refused to accept a complimentary card from the paper but rather issued an interesting threat at the team of journalists.

“What for? Hmmm… and let me tell you one thing; if I ever see this house in any newspaper, hmmm, what I would do to you, though you do not know yet, you would regret it,” he warned.

Peeping into the compound, News-One saw what looked like a dark coloured Porsche Cayenne and two other saloon cars.

There was also a DSTV Satellite dish and ornamental trees along the fence walls which had barbed wires perfectly woven on them.

Michael’s parents separated when he was about two and a half years old.

News-One gathered that Essien bought the mansion for his mother when he signed for French club Bastia in 2000. He also bought her a vehicle.

Until then reports say she baked and sold bread to look after Michael and her other children.

Meanwhile the dad, James Essien, is languishing in a dilapidated mud house, with a decaying leg.

James Essien has expressed strong emotions about meeting the son who he claims he had not seen for six years.

“Oh I want to see him. We should live as father and son. It is not that I am interested in burdening him with my problems. I was taking care of myself before Michael was born and since then I still take care of myself.

Look I was born on 28th September 1932 so I am not a small boy and there is very little I still expect from this life. But Michael is my son, my blood, the one that makes me proud all over the world and I must at least be made to feel like a father and not a stranger to him.

“I would want him to know I still love him as my child. I follow his career and all his games. In fact there are things I want to tell him as a father; things I want to tell him in person,” James Essien noted.

Nadia Buari and Michael Essien

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