Saturday, October 15, 2011

Dwight Howard Buys $8M Seminole Co. Home

Dwight Howard Buys $8M Seminole Co. Home

Sale Price Breaks Record

Despite the questionable economy, a recent home sale broke a record in Seminole County.

Just off of Markham Woods road you can glimpse the front entrance of the house that sold for more money than any house in the history of Seminole County, $8.1 million.

"When we closed the property we had a small celebration. It was just very, very, exciting," realtor Karen Arbutine said.

Arbutine closed the record-breaking sale and although she would not disclose the buyer, a large banner at the front entrance of the house provided a clue.

The "Welcome Home Warrior #12" banner, combined with tips from other sources, reveals the buyer is Dwight Howard of the Orlando Magic. Howard is moving to Seminole County from Windermere.

The 11,000-square-foot house was described as an old world castle. The patio features a lazy river that lets you float through a cave and features three separate beach areas.

The house also has its own Nintendo Wii room with a large screen for interactive gaming.

Arbutine said the fact that the home sold is proof that, even in this economy, there are still some people spending money.

"There is definitely business out here. You just have to position yourself in the markets," Arbutine said.

Until now, the most expensive home sold in Seminole County went for $7 million.

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