Thursday, October 6, 2011

Didier Drogba Living Large in England ! Didier Drogba £14.5 Million Mansion

Didier Drogba

Country of citizenship: Ivory Coast
Club: Chelsea
Annual salary: $8 million

One of the most highly rated strikers in the world, Drogba is currently the highest goal-scorer for the Cote D’Ivoire national soccer team and is Chelsea’s 6th highest goal scorer of all time. Currently his earnings stand at $185,000 a week. The 33 year-old has endorsement deals with Nike, Pepsi, Samsung and Orange France. Large heart: Has committed some $5 million to building a children’s home in Abidjan.

Back in 2006, Chelsea player and Ivory Coast National Team superstar Didier Drogba called for violence taking place in the Ivory Coast civil war to be halted while games were being played, and wouldn’t you know it, they listened. Besides being one of the most culturally influential players on the planet, as well as perhaps being the finest player ever to be born on the African continent, he has a pretty swank setup. Unlike his Spanish league counterparts, Drogba chose to go the grandiose route, living in a sprawling, spire-roofed estate in the English countryside. Sounds like mighty fine living to me, and certainly no shortage on the excess.

face drogba


drogba house

Drogba's English manor.

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